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Fairybell Christmas trees are available in several models; starting with an On-Door Christmas tree with 120 LED lights up to a 32FT flagpole Christmas tree with 2000 LED lights and a height of more than 32 FT!

Fairybell Christmas trees are available in 3 types:

On-Door Christmas trees:
Creating an amazing Christmas tree on each door that you like within minutes. Without damaging or block the door.
Outdoor Christmas trees:
The original Fairybell outdoor Christmas trees are designed to place wherever you like, available from 145LED's until 640 LED's.
Flagpole Christmas trees:
World's most loved flagpole Christmas trees, easy to set-up, amazing effect during the night and the are developed to last for years!

This is the official webstore of Fairybell, so you buying directly from Fairybell and all our items are shipped throughout the states. 

All Fairybell Christmas trees on this webstore are shipped with US plug and are worldwide patented.

9 Item(s)

9 Item(s)